Friday, February 15, 2013

Adjoining Neighbors Affecting Your Own Property Valuation

..  Although the article below was written on the east coast, most all of it is applicable for a lot of the questions I field for clients in this area.   In any event, this NY times article is an informative read.  Check It Out Here

Friday, February 1, 2013


Sales of all North County real estate types were down 38% in January  over December and down 2% over January of last year.  It is  common for escrows closings to be down in January from December as there is normally a drop in properties going into escrow through the months of November and December.  Also, this year many sellers were concerned about capital gains rates going up in 2013 so there was a larger push to close escrows earlier this year then before. Properties in escrow are up 13% from last month and also down 10% from January  of 2012. Active listings on the market are up 9% from December  and also up 2% from the same time last year.