Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Sales of all North County real estate types were up  16% in December over November  and exactly the same number as they were in December of 2013 .  That has never happened before!   Total sales for the entire year of 2014  are less then 1% different from all of 2013 also.  I have also never seen this happen before in my over 34 years of doing this here.    That tells us that this is an extremely  stable market we are currently in.  Properties in escrow were  down 9% from November, which is normal for this time of year  and  up 9% from December of 2013 . Active listings on the market were down 13% from November  and  up 5% from the same time last year.    Again, all numbers normal for this time of year and also indicating a very stable Northern San Luis Obispo real estate market going into 2015.